NALGENE Tritan Wide Mouth BPA Free Water Bottle

If you are looking for a Nalgene wide mouth bottle that is BPA free, then this is the one that you want. It is one of the most popular water bottles that Nalgene has, and thanks to the wide mouth it is easy to clean and it can fit ice cubes. You can even add your sports drink powders easily, and some use it even for protein powder since they can scoop the stuff in the bottle quite easily.

There is a scale on the side of the bottle where you can easily see how much water or juice or even the powder or sports drink that you are using. We are giving you the best price for the Nalgene BPA free bottle that you can find. It will be very hard to find it cheaper anywhere else, so take action now if you are thinking about buying it.

The cap has a very handy attachment to the bottle so when you screw it open you don’t have to place it on the table or keep it in your hand. Also it will not get lost since it is connected to the bottle. If you use a bottle water purifier, you should know that this bottle fits the majority of the purifiers that are available.

We have tested these bottles quite hard, and we can assure you that they are durable. After enduring a lot of physical force they would not break – and we tried hard. It’s perfect for someone who has rougher usage for it like using it when hiking.

BPA Free Lunch Box Laptop Lunch 5 Inner Containers And Accessories Bento B620

Most of us are taking lunch with us from home. It doesn’t matter where you are going – to work, to school or even something else – we like to eat good food and not have to think about whether we will find a decent place to eat.

It is important to make sure that your kids have a good meal while they are in school or day care. You want the meal to be safe and not have the risk of contaminating it with toxins leaking from the plastic. These BPA free lunch boxes aren’t made only without bisphenol-A but also other potentially harmful chemicals like lead, PVC and phtalates.

Making sure that you and your family are living a toxin free life is difficult and it requires a lot of thinking when buying anything. The Laptop Lunch BPA free lunch box makes it a little bit easier for you. It comes with one large outer container that has a lid. It looks actually a little bit like a laptop. Inside this larger container there are 5 smaller containers which are designed to hold the foods inside them. Three of have a lid and they are made of plastic that doesn’t contain BPA. The lids are very tight and we haven’t heard of anyone who has had trouble with them.

Because there are five different containers inside this lunch box, you can make sure that you or your kids are getting a full meal even when there isn’t the possibility to eat it at home. You can have fruits and vegetables separated and thanks to the tight lids you can even put soup in the containers without having to fear it is going to leak.

Because the containers are of handy sizes 1-1/4-cup, 1-2/3-cup, 3/4-cup, 2/3-cup, and 1/8-cup, you can be sure that you are using correct portions – you won’t have to think about it more than that. Two of the containers don’t have lids, so they can be used for products such as bread or fruits and even vegetables. If you are packing something that needs to be heated or can make a mess, the containers with lids are perfect for this. This could include foods like mashed potatoes, yams, sweet potato, vegetable soup and all other types of soups. Also if you are making sauces you will find that the smallest container with a lid will be perfect for it. You could also use it for a dessert such as a pudding and you’ll automatically make sure that the portion is of a good size – just enough to get that sweet taste in the mouth, but not overfeeding with sugar and carbohydrates.

One of the most complimented features this BPA free lunch box has is the ease of use that makes it almost fun to pack up the lunch. Even young kids are able to open the lids on their own so they can be more independent when they are eating their lunch – no need for a day nurse to do this. What we recommend you to do is get different accessories and different sized inner containers as often we need more variety. If you are merely packing a stew or a soup lunch, you might want to have one larger container where you can put all that food. Thanks to the Bento, there are easily available options for different sizes.

Cleaning, like safety, is one of our biggest concerns, and we are glad to inform you that these containers are easily cleaned and dishwasher safe. You won’t have to wash the outer container every time after use, but you might want to at least give a rinse to the inner containers. Those that have been in contact with food should be washed properly. It comes with a knife and fork that nicely fit inside the BPA free lunchbox so you will never have to notice that you have nothing to eat with!

We also recommend that you have a look at stainless steel lunch boxes as an option for a more durable lunch box. They don’t come with inner containers but you can find ones that fit them.

BPA Free Bowls With Lid By Luminarc

Luminarc Stackable Bowl 21pc BPA-Free

New From: 0 Out of Stock

We all like to use bowls for a lots of things, and the main thing is most likely preparing foods. If you are making meatballs, bread or anything from in between you will need to have a bowl where you can mix the ingredients. They are very versatile and we do use them in a lot of different applications – but are all of them BPA free? Plastic bowls aren’t necessarily BPA free and when you whisk stuff in them, you are basically trying to force small particles of the wall of the bowl to come off. This can contaminate your food, and once the surface of the plastic is broken, there will be plenty more where that came from!

So let’s face is – almost all food preparation requires a bowl of some kind since at one point you will be mixing up ingredients and you want to have a good container in which you do it to avoid making a mess in the kitchen. Having a BPA free bowl will make it sure that you are not getting that harmful chemical in your system, and since these bowls are made of glass, you are not getting any other plastic poisons either. Like we have discussed before, BPA isn’t necessarily the only potentially harmful compound used in manufacturing in plastic products, but there can be others that we don’t know of yet.

Two materials which are both very trusted is stainless steel and glass, and they each have good applications in which they work better than the other. For bowls, there isn’t much of a difference which you use, but these glass bowls are very good for quite a few reasons. First of all they are stackable, so they won’t take up space in the cupboard – we all have too little storage space in our kitchens anyway, you don’t want a huge set of bowls taking up all the space!

Another great thing about these BPA free bowls with a lid is the fact that the glass is clear and see through. You might be using the lid to store something in these bowls inside the fridge. So you are preparing for a dinner or a party and you have made a lot of work the day before to make it all easier. You can just chop up the vegetables and make the dressings and store them in these bowls inside the fridge – you won’t have to have a separate container where you will put them. It will save you a lot of dishes. Since the glass is very clear, you can easily see what is inside the respective bowls, and pick the one you need at the moment, without a hassle. With this set you are getting a total of 13 bowls and the majority of them comes with an airtight lid. The largest ones don’t have a lid, but let’s face it they are most likely too large (over 10″ in diameter) to be put in the fridge anyways.  The same goes for the smallest (2.8″) which are very usable when you are mixing spices for example, but nothing that you might store for long term.

One of the best parts is that these BPA free bowls are very easy to clean and so are the lids. You can wash them in the dishwasher and you won’t have to worry about them getting worn down because of it. Besides just durability during washing, they will last in the freezer as well, but not in the oven. They are made of tempered glass, that is very hardy and durable – you won’t have to worry about breaking with normal use!

And if you do break them, there is one exceptional benefit that comes with tempered glass – it doesn’t produce those shards that you can cut yourself on, but it goes in to small pebbles. Some users have fell in love with this feature once they have accidentally broken one of the bowls. It makes even the breaking of a bowl safer.

If you are looking for BPA free bowls with a lid, then these by Luminarc are definitely something that you should be looking in to. There will be others added to our website, but based on what we have tested and what we have received feedback on, these are the top of the line.

Bamboo Cutting Board

Looking for a BPA free cutting board that is made of plastic can be frustrating, and at the same time you might not be so safe with plastic even if it’s BPA Free. There can be other potentially harmful chemicals in plastics that we just don’t know of yet, and that is why getting a bamboo cutting board is a step towards the right direction when it comes to removing toxins from your home.

Bamboo is an excellent material to be used in cutting boards – actually it’s way better than wood in many ways. Bamboo isn’t a tree, but it is a grass, and thanks to its superb growth speed it is very ecological and a renewable source of material. When it’s made in to a cutting board, it will be more durable, more resistant to bending, and it won’t chip as easily as a wooden chopping board.

Like we discussed in the earlier post about BPA free plastic cutting boards, this is an area that you want to get made of a safe material. Basically you are always using the cutting board in a way that will cause small particles of the material to come off in to your food. You will be grinding that knife against the board when you cut your vegetables, and you are going to scrape the veggies off the board when you plate them, or put them in the salad bowl.

Why Bamboo?

We always like to say that we are looking for safe products to be used in your home and when you are traveling – realize that the toxin levels of the world are constantly going up, and we have to reduce the amount of chemicals that we get in your bodies at home so that our system can cope up with the airborne pollution, and toxins that you can’t have an effect on.

Besides just safe products, we like to look for ecological products as we have noticed that natural materials are not only safe, but they are very durable as well. And on the top of that they are easy to recycle once they are through their lifespan, and the same thing goes for bamboo.

Bamboo is such a versatile material that it isn’t only used in cutting boards, but basically anything that you can come up with. People are building houses, using it as their flooring, their kitchen countertop, their plates, and it is used in furniture as well. This grass is exceptional for all these purposes because it is very strong, hardy and it is readily available in warmer climates.

Some of the fastest growing species of bamboo can grow up to 40 inches in 24 hours depending on the climate and the type of soil they are planted in. No tree can do this, and that makes it such an ideal material for many purposes – this is the reason why many native cultures still use bamboo in so many applications.

The shoots of bamboo can be eaten apart from the giant bamboo shoots that can be toxic to you!

Why is a bamboo cutting board better than a wooden one?

There are some minor problems with wooden cutting boards that make them less easy to use as plastic. For example, you have to be oiling them on a regular basis if you want to keep them in mint condition for as long as possible – this isn’t really a hard thing to do because all you have to do is after washing apply a small coat of an oil on the surface and you are good to go. The second thing is that you have to wash the cutting board quickly after use, and you can’t use a dishwasher. This sounds like a big deal for a lot of people, but the fact is that it’s not that big of a deal – just a small squirt of a non toxic washing solution and a little bit of water will do the trick.

It actually beats the plastic ones in use. Wooden, and bamboo cutting boards are more user friendly when it comes to chopping up what you are ever trying to chop. Since they are usually thicker and absorb a little bit of water, they will not be so slippery on the surface. Many people have reported to add rubber pads on plastic boards to make sure that they stay in place when cutting – if the board is turning and twisting when you are using it, it can be quite dangerous. If there is even the smallest amount of water trapped between the chopping board and the surface, it is going to be very slippery!

Well with bamboo this is not such a problem as the material is thicker and somewhat poreus – meaning that it will absorb that small drop of water and actually use the moisture to grab on to the surface. You can get those chopping blocks made of bamboo, that are meant for very rough use, and they are usually up to a few inches thick and very heavy – they will be very stable to use. Another interesting feature is that the knife will slide better on wood and bamboo, than it will on plastic. Your knives will stay sharper and you will not risk cutting your fingers so easily – one common reason for someone to hurt themselves while chopping vegetables or something that is hard, is that when they start pushing the knife down, it gets stuck on the plastic surface of the cutting board. Bamboo chopping boards don’t have this problem, and they are in our opinion much safer than other types of boards.

With wooden boards there is on problem that bamboo cutting boards don’t really have. If they get really we on one side, and not so on the other side, they can bend so much that they will break. Bamboo can be bent to a very large degree before there is any risk of breaking – it’s very hardy even when it is dry. The are very durable.

What are customers saying?

Well what can you say! The price is right on the money, and it is the cheapest bamboo cutting board set that you will find! At the same time they are very durable and come in a variety of sizes. The smallest one isn’t as useful as you would think as it can be a little bit too small even, but it is perfect if you are just using it to do a small amount of chopping – for larger tasks, always use the larger boards.

Thanks to the fact that these boards are thinner than expected, they are very easy to handle, and don’t take up space in the cupboard.  These bamboo cutting boards won’t warp unlike very expensive woods like cherry that are often used in the same application. It is even harder than maple or oak, and we will find them very useful for a long time.

We use these boards for bread, and thanks to the very slim design, they are easily stored in a drawer in our kitchen. They are very easy to just pick up, slice the bread and you don’t have to wash it every time – though giving a quick rinse won’t harm anyone. We haven’t washed them in the dishwasher, so we can’t really say how they would hold up.

BPA Free Food Containers Rubbermaid 7J93 Produce Saver Square Food Storage

Trying to find good food containers can be quite difficult as many of them are just priced very low to attract buyers, and at the same time their quality suffers from the reduction of manufacturing costs that are necessary to get the selling price so low. Usually you can get the best price for products when you shop online, and these BPA free food containers by Rubbermaid are no different.

This set comes with 4 different containers that you can use in your every day food storage needs. Because of the tray and vent system there is some air circulation inside the container – this makes that foods stored inside it last longer. These containers are dishwasher safe, and you can refrigerate, microwave and freeze foods inside them. They are easy to clean, and if you wish to wash them by hand, it should not be hard to get them clean. The extremely clear material used makes it easy to see what is inside the container and what is the condition of the foods. This also makes the cleaning easier, as the clear pastic has a harder surface that doesn’t absorb stains.

The sizes of the containers are one 14 cup (3.3 liter), one 5 cup (1.2 liter) and two 2 (0.47 liters) cup containers. You will get every practical size that you need, and if you need more, the best way is to order two of these sets.

These containers are made of polypropylene which makes them contain no bisphenol. Rubbermaid has an advanced Produce Saver technology, which has been used in these containers to make the food last longer. What ever you choose to store in these containers will last a bit longer than with what you are used to, which makes these the perfect choice for someone who makes large batches of food at once and then eats it through multiple days – large families for example. If all your children can’t be at the table at the same time, storing the food in these will keep it fresh for when the next eater is going to have their lunch or dinner.

You could also make a larger batch of one food, eat it for lunch on one day, and dinner the next – that way you will only have to heat it up the next day. This doesn’t only save time but also resources, as cooking up small batches of food will take approximately the same amount of energy as it takes to make larger amounts at once. If you are trying to save on your bills, this might be a great way to make it happen without really sacrificing on anything – and we all know that when you have a large family, you will have to try to save money where you can in order to keep the costs under control.

The produce saver technology really works, and many customers have reported extremely long shelf lives with their stored foods. One customer has reported to have refrigerated blueberries last over three weeks inside a food container like this. Fresh fruits and berries seem to last very long inside these, and  they are usually the first ones that lose their freshness – vegetables should last for ages!

Sliced fruits tend to lose their freshness very quickly, and if you have sliced something like apples or tomatos, they will be done after spending a night in the refrigerator – but not with these food containers! Normally these fresh fruits that are cut in to smaller pieces can be eaten even a few days after if they are refrigerated, but they will have a slimy feeling to them, and they simply won’t seem fresh. With these food storage containers, you won’t have to worry about freshness, as they will still be fresh after a day or two.

Why Choose BPA Free Food Containers

We have been previously discussing this matter in other posts like the one about the BPA free lunch boxes, and we like to come back to it every now and then. One important thing in keeping your family, and yourself healthy, is to avoid excess toxins from entering your body. These are chemicals that can do damage to your cell structures, your DNA and other small parts of your body that you will not notice. The way you will notice the damage is once the destruction accumulates and you get an illness that will be detrimental to your whole body – cancer is a good example of this.

Bisphenol A has been linked to cancer, but also many other diseases such as reproductive issues. So if you wish to have children, it is important to keep avoiding the kinds of products that are not BPA free. Why is this so important in food containers?

Basically, you should mostly avoid plastic that is in contact with the foods that you eat, and the liquids that you drink. This is even more important when you are dealing with hot foods and drinks – BPA is easily released from plastics when they are heated, and when you just prepared a hot batch of food which you will then pour in to food containers with a lid to further trap the heat inside the storage unit, you are heating it. This will cause further BPA leakage.

Remember that there is no proof that a single exposure once in a lifetime makes much of a difference, but you can only control the foods that you prepare. Most of the meats and vegetables that we use are packed in plastic at some point, and we can’t control which type of plastic it is. So there might already be some BPA in the food that you get from the store, and you can only control if you wich to add even more to it.

When you eat at a restaurant, you don’t really know what they have been doing with the foods. They might have even stored it hot in a container that has BPA in it – thankfully you aren’t eating there every day, every meal. Our bodies are designed to handle some amount of toxic stress that comes from around us, but today the amount of pollution and chemicals used in everything, is taxing our defenses, making it even more important to try to avoid these kinds of issues at home. Choosing BPA free food containers for your family is something that is easy to do – it only requires you to choose a specific product over another.

Sippy Cups Without BPA

If you are looking for a training cup for your child that allows him or her to drink without spilling it accidentally, then this is what you want to get. It is not considered a bottle anymore, and thanks to the nice silicone handles it can be easily gripped even by small hands. A normal cup without these rubbery handles would not be easily held by tiny fingers.

The spout in this particular model is exceptional, and we have had a lot of positive feedback thanks to the design of it. It sort of looks like a nipple, but it isn’t designed to work like one. It is the best way to move away from nursing bottles towards using cups. Your child will immediately understand the point of this product, and thanks to all of the parts being BPA free, you don’t have to worry about the child chewing on the parts or the spount.

A sippy cup is an especially important product in the development of the child, as it will help them learn how to move foods and drinks towards their mouth. Without something like this, it could take ages for the child to naturally eating on their own – something that you want to happen quite soon. Once the kid realizes that they can do things on their own, they will be happy as they no-longer feel that they are incapable of doing anything. A healthy child is always trying to explore in to new things that they can do, and you have to start with small things such as drinking from a sippy cup.

There are all kinds of learner cups that are designed for this exact purpose, and by giving the child the opportunity to drink on their own without spilling the drinks all over the place every time, you are promoting the positive learning experience. If the would wet themselves, and see the parents being frustrated in cleaning it up, they could start getting afraid of trying new things.

When should we start using sippy cups?

The age at which the child learns how to do things vary to some extent, and some kids even learn how to walk first, and then how to crawl. The same thing goes for drinking on their own, and we recommend that you pay attention to what your child is trying to do. If they look like they want to drink on their own, try getting them a sippy cup that they can use occasionally.  The better they get at it, the faster you could start moving away from using nursing bottles. Generally the age at which this happens is about 5-6 months, sometimes later 7-9 months, but also sometimes earlier at about 3-4 months. Don’t get stuck on dates, you should move at a speed that is comfortable for your baby.

How to move to a sippy cup?

Like we have said before, it can sometimes take time for the baby to realize that they can drink on their own. There are kids that know how to drink on their own the first time you introduce a learner cup to them, and there are kids that take a long time before they get it. This is completely natural and definitely not something that you should get frustrated over.

In all cases there are some things that we recommend you do with your child, no matter how quickly they get it.

  • The first times around, if they kid isn’t already doing it, place the kids hands around the handles of the cup, and raise it to their mouth. Basically show them how to drink, and they will get the point.
  • This particular sippy cup from NUK has a soft spout that has a lot of resemblance to a nipple. It is exactly the kind of bottle that you should be starting with. The soft spout will not hurt the teeth or gums of the child, and it will be easily recognized by the child as something that will bring them beverages.
  • Don’t worry if it takes time! Parents often get worried about silly little details like t he neighbors kid learning something faster. Children learn things at a different pace, and this is especially notable with babies. Even if they don’t learn something immediately, they might have learnt something else earlier than any other child around.
  • Keep using the cup. Don’t try to force the child to use a nursing bottle, if they are already over that phase. The transition to sippy cups has been made, and you can now keep on using them at all occasions.

My child doesn’t want to use sippy cups

Once again. don’t get too worried about this. You shouldn’t force things to happen, but sometimes you need to just give it more effort. If you don’t challenge the child, they will not want to learn – it is easy to just be pampered by the parent, and babies can sometimes not want to learn how to use new things that require them to do more work for it – it has been a lot easier when the parent has been doing all the work!

If they don’t really wan to use the sippy cup, you could try using a different liquid. If you have only been giving water with the cup, try using milk in it. In some cases, this is all that needs to be done. You might even try some fresh fruit juice diluted with water to see if they will get excited off the new tastes.

If you have bought a different sippy cup than the one at the top of this post, there is a chance that it is too difficult to use for the child. The valve might be stuck or it might be just too hard to use. The spout might be uncomfortable, or they just don’t like that particular bottle (this could happen with anything).


Plastic Cups 16oz

Plastic cups have their place in everyones kitchen because they are so care free. Your kids can use them and you don’t have to worry about them being dropped and broken, they are generally large enough for your to put a lot of beverages in them, or use them for protein shakes or just fruit shakes. Even if we are trying to avoid BPA, these kids of cups are still quite handy, and thankfully you can get ones that are made of a plastic that is both BPA free and melamine free.

This set of 4 cups comes with a really nice price tag of $10, and they come in three different colors. You can get them in green, red and blue, so everyone in your family will have a bpa free plastic cup of their preferred color! Thanks to the 16oz size it will usually be large enough for everyone, but still easily handled by your kids. Since they are made of plastic, they are lighter than other cups and mugs which are made of ceramics or even glass. A glass that is light enough, would not be very durable.

Thanks to their nice shape, the cups are resistant to spilling – your kids, or even you won’t be spilling so much water, juices or other drinks. The slightly tapering design will make it easy to hold on to, and at the same time it will reduce spilling.

These cups are nearly 4 inches wide and 5 inches tall, from the widest part, which is the top. They get narrower slightly as you move down the cup, so it is easier to grip on to. With all kinds of kitchenware and cups, we are always interested in their durability, usability and of course how easy they are to clean. These cups  are dishwasher safe, which makes them very easy to clean – just put them in the machine! If you are someone who likes to wash the dishes by hand, we are glad to inform you that they do clean easily even when using a mild detergent solution and a brush – basically you won’t even need the brush unless you have used the cup for something that stains.

After going through rigorous testing and multiple washes (about a hunded or so) we can say that these cups don’t wear even when washed in the dishwasher. This is a very good sign, because wearing would mean that there are small bits of plastic that are coming off – if it is as durable as this, this are safer than the alternatives.

Even though these plastic cups are BPA free we recommend that you mostly use them only for cold beverages. Plastics can contain other chemicals that aren’t safe for you, and they are generally without exception released easier when the food or liquid that is in contact with them, is hot.

Besides just the health part, we also like to pay attention to our environment. We are constantly being affected by the pollution around us, and these are chemicals that we can’t directly control. Even though we choose to use BPA free products, we can’t control the pollution in the air and in the environment. That is why we are glad to tell you that besides being low on harmful chemicals, these cups are 100% recyclable.

You can’t usually find something that is ECO-friendly and affordable at the same time, and these cups make the exception! You will only pay about $2.5 each, and that is already a good deal no matter what was the material being used for them.

You can’t find plastic BPA free beverage containers at a cheaper price, with this high quality. If you are in the need of plastic cups, these are what you should get!

BPA Free Shaker Sundesa Blenderbottle with Blenderball

If you use protein shakes, meal replacements or recovery drinks after workouts, you are familiar with the process. Shakers are usually mandatory to get a smooth shake when you don’t have a blender nearby, and even if the powder is supposed to be easily mixable, it will usually end up clotting. Having a shaker will make a big difference as it has a big mouth where you can easily pour the powder and later add the water to it. This BPA free shaker has a grate-balle that is made of surgical stainless steel, and it will mix up your beverages like it’s no problem.

Usually the biggest problem with shaker bottles is that they don’t work as they are supposed to. The mouth piece is too small, and they are hard to clean, and they don’t work well in mixing the liquid. This is the problem when the manufacturer hasn’t put time and effort in designing the product, but they are merely winging it and making a bottle that hasn’t been planned. You can’t say the same of the Sundesa Blenderbottle, as it is the best BPA free protein shaker we have been able to find when it comes to quality and usability. The price isn’t too big either!

Because it has the blender ball it can mix quite a lot of different things other than just protein powder or meal replacements. Many people use it to mix pancake batter, salad dressings, and basically anything liquid. The stainless steel ball will bounce inside the shaker mixing everything together in to one smooth liquid.

Thanks to the generous 28-ounce volume, you can have all kinds of shakes in there, and even if you are a big man you can still fit large enough shakes inside it. Don’t worry ladies, you can mix smaller shakes inside it as well.

Many shakers have a poorly designed lid which will not stay open when you drink from it. This design is a step forward as there is a plastic hinge for the lid covering the mouth of the cap. This way it will not break off as easily as shakers usually do when the lid is attached with a solid piece of plastic. The round mouth of the bottle makes it fit your mouth, and unlike many other, it will feel comfortable as it seems to be just the perfect size.

Not many manufacturers seem to pay attention to the fact that people using shakers are usually interested in their own health. Sundesa has realized that someone using a shaker, would also be interested BPA free plastic as they want to avoid putting such toxin in their system that could diminish the results that they get from their other healthy activities.

One of the most important things that you can look for in a BPA free shaker is the fact that it is easy to clean. You don’t want to be scrubbing it long time after you have used it, and that is why it is important to mention that this shaker is dishwasher safe. All you have to do is open the cap and put it in the washer. You might want to place the blenderball in a manner that it doesn’t bounce around the dishwasher when it is washing though.

Another important problem that is usually present with shaker bottles is leaking. Almost all bottles leak right from the start or very soon after the first time you wash them. We are glad to announce that many clients have reported no leaking from this shaker. It is virtually leak proof. Almost all of us have tried the free shakers that you can get when you purchase your big can of protein powder. These shakers end up making a mess on either your shirt, or your kitchen walls – when the cap comes off or just leaks  and lets the chocolate flavored powder hit the white walls, you know you have a problem in your hands. Because the lid is screw-on, you will get it tight enough to not have to push it down while you are shaking the bottle – something that you have to do almost always with other bottles, especially the ones that have a press-on cap. Definitely one of the best BPA free shakers we have found!



BPA Free Loose Leaf Tea Travel Mug Trudeau 0872035 Tea-Mendous 16-Ounce Tumbler

Trudeau Tea Mendous Tea Tumbler, Clear, 16-Ounce

New From: $15.99 USD In Stock

Loose leaf tea really brings the best of teas to your taste buds, but the problem is that when you are traveling, you can’t usually experience this. It’s always “tea to go” in a paper cup or some other low quality tea. Thanks to this loose leaf tea travel mug, you don’t have to worry about this any more as all you need is hot water and you are good to go!

You can carry your own supply of loose leaf tea with you and use this mug to cook up a batch of your favorite tea on the road. The best part is that the tea is always fresh and tasty! This 16-ounce mug is excellent in carrying tea around in a good looking way. The construction is see through double wall with a vacuum. Like we discussed before with this stainless steel insulated travel mug, it is the best type of insulation that is available in thermos mugs or bottles. It works far better than the traditional foam insulation, and thanks to the double wall construction, this mug will keep your tea hot for two hours or more. Brewing tea on the go has never been easier!

Of course this time will vary somewhat depending on how hot is the tea when you put it in the tumbler, and also on where you store it. If you have it in front of the air conditioner in your car, you can be sure that it might not last as long as when you have it tucked up somewhere warm. If you like to drink your tea when you are commuting, this is the perfect cup for that purpose as you don’t have to prepare the tea at home before you leave – all you need is the hot water that you pour inside this BPA free tea travel mug, and you are good to go.

Inside the mug there is a stainless steel basket works as the infuser where you can place tea bags, or loose leaf tea to be in contact with the water. Your tea will be fresh, and you won’t have tea leaves in it thanks to the mesh. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, but you should not use it in the microwave. The stainless steel parts will cause problems in a microwave, and that is why if you want to heat the water this way, you will have to do it in a separate container.

Put the loose leaf tea inside the mesh basket inside this travel mug, pour in the nearly boiling water and screw on the lid. Because it is a screw on lid you can be sure that it doesn’t leak and cause unwanted wetness where ever you are carrying it. You can put it in your bag or your briefcase when you are on the move, and then drink the fresh tea when you want to. Thanks to the small diameter it will fit perfectly your cars cup holders unlike many thermos bottles.

If you like to drink hot tea at work in the middle of the day, the easiest way is to put the leaves in the mesh basket inside this loose leaf travel mug, screw on the lid and go to work. When you feel like having tea, heat up some water and pour it in to leave it infuse. You don’t have to carry around ziplock bags or anything else that isn’t really practical. Many customers actually report that they own two Trudeau travel mugs just for this purpose – they have one which they use while they commute, and another one with just the tea leaves that they use in the afternoon.

The flip on lid is handy when you want to drink the tea. In the beginning it might surprise you how hot the tea keeps in this thermos tea travel mug, but once you get used to it you will always notice how cold tea is when you drink it from something else. Because of it’s double wall construction it will work perfectly for cold beverages as well. It doesn’t have to be ice tea, but basically everything that you can think of. The base of the mug is made of thick plastic which prevents the heat from transferring to the surface, or water condensation which could ruin your tables or we your papers.

We were especially delighted to see how sturdy this mug is. It isn’t flimsy at all, and that is why you have found this exact product on this page – we aren’t promoting low quality products here. You are not someone who would buy something really cheap that is low quality and we aren’t people who like to sell you those products either. Since we always look for BPA free products and we also pay attention to the ecological side as well, you will only find durable high quality items in our selection.


Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug With Lid

Do you like to drink coffee when you are in your car going to work? You most likely have an insulated mug for this purpose since it is possibly the best option there is to keep the coffee warm during your ride. The problem with many insulated mugs is that they contain BPA, and you don’t want that in a container which will have hot liquid in it.

This stainless steel insulated travel mug comes with a lid, which makes it perfect for this purpose. It has a double wall construction which makes it a thermos mug that prevents the transfer of heat in either direction. The way it works is heat needs a medium to transfer through – there is no heat in space as there is a vacuum that doesn’t contain anything. When we create a vacuum between two walls of steel, the heat can’t transfer through it, and this prevents the drinks from losing their heat.

When you are using this BPA free insulated travel mug, you will notice the fact they have really paid attention to the usability, and they have kept the user in mind when designing this product. It looks good, is easy and simple to use, durable and it simply works. This is something that will amaze you once you get your hands on one. Just make your coffee, pour it in this 16 ounce mug, screw on the lid and enjoy! You can be sure that it keeps your coffee or tea, or any other hot beverage, hot for at least four hours. Should you be drinking orange mocha frappuccinos or double lattes, this mug will keep it hot, or cold for hours. And the best part is, it fits your standard size cup holder. Don’t you just just hate it when you get a coffee mug that is intended for traveling, and it doesn’t fit any cup holder in your car. This one does. And the lid is leak proof – you could literally have it upside down the whole day and it will not leak at all. When you are ready to drink, just press the button and let some of the hot steams and water vapor get out of the mug before putting it on your lips.

If you want to keep things cold, it works as well because you are now preventing heat going inside the mug. The lid is often also made with this idea, but generally it isn’t necessary as the mug itself covers most of the area, so there isn’t a need for it. In this particular mug the lid is a very handy one, as it comes with a button which you press, and it opens the lid so that you can drink from it. It prevents a lot of the heat from escaping.

This is one of the best insulated travel mugs we have seen, as it comes packed with tons of innovative features that make it simply better than any competition. Contigo has patented their Autoseal feature which will automatically seal the lid between your sips, so that if you are driving in your car, you will not spill the coffee no matter what happens. This is also handy as it prevents accidents from happening as you can’t really spill the hot coffee on your lap – something that will catch any driver by surprise and cause a possible accident.

The manufacturer promises that because of their vacuum insulation this mug will keep your drinks hot for four hours. That is more than enough time for anyone to make coffee in the morning and go to work. Even if you don’t like to drink the coffee first thing in the morning, and you will be moving for an hour or two, you won’t have a problem with the coffee or tea getting cold. This is a must insulated travel mug for commuting, but it works for any other purpose as well.

You know when you are traveling, you like to get coffee as you are driving long distances. You get those paper cups from all the rest stops that burn your lips and lose the heat pretty quickly when you place them inside your air conditioned vehicle. They also spill really easily as they don’t have a lid, or the lid isn’t really water tight. Having a travel cup like this will solve this problem as you can take the coffee in it, and enjoy the steaming cup without these problems.

Because of the Autoseal lid, this cup really is leak- and spillproof and you don’t have to worry about your upholstery ever again. Because of the fact that you don’t have to open a lid or anything similar, you are also reducing the risk of accidentally spilling your drinks. How many times have you opened a snap-off lid and spilt the insides all around at the same time? The lid on this travel mug is what makes it so special.

Thanks to the high level insulation, you won’t have to worry about losing the heat in your hot drinks, warming your cold drinks, but also you don’t have to worry about condensation water. Many times we have to use a glass mat to protect the surface where you are keeping your cold drink, but thanks to the double wall construction you will not have a drop of sweat outside the glass.

We are usually emphasizing the fact that the products we are promoting here, are BPA free, but what we usually don’t mention is the fact that they often are durable and environment friendly. Since this is a BPA free stainless steel travel mug, it will last you a very long time. Even though the lid is made of plastic it is still a very durable construction.

The manufacturer states that the lid is dishwasher safe, and the mug isn’t. We actually recommend that you wash the lid in the washer to get it clean from the inside – some people have had trouble with their drinks getting trapped inside the lid and starting to create an odor.  Even so, this is by far the best BPA free travel mug we have been able to find for a long time!